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After instigating projects in Ireland and Italy and selecting Intermedia in Cork, Brian was invited to curate the following exhibitions.

1999 Inner Art
This exhibition took place in inner city Dublin with its drug abuse and deprivation. Brian was sponsored to travel to Europe to look at the work of artists who could deal with issues like these and selected both international and Irish artists for the show. He believes that if the work is relevant to its audience regardless of social conditions the audience will engage with the art. The exhibition took place in venues as diverse as the confessional in a church to the local politicians surgery.

2001 City Fabric
Dublin city centre was the venue for this exhibition. Venues included Trinity University, Christ Church Cathedral and outside a police station. The city responded by making one site a stop on its open toped bus tour, the police used surveillance cameras to video one work for the artist, the Cathedral bell ringers rang out a sound piece every night and the city corporation brought electricity to one work in the middle of one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares.

2003 One Place Twice
This exhibition was cocurated with Declan Long. It was sponsored by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and administered by the Sculpture Society of Ireland. It was aimed at giving emerging artists the opportunity to take part in a prestigious group exhibition.

2003 Think Over
This was an exhibition of Irish art at Rialtosantambrogio in Rome. Most of the artists traveled to Rome to work specifically in an old convent that is now one of Rome’s leading experimental art spaces. The artists were Shane Cullen, Susan MacWillam, Dan Shipsides, Peter Richards, Sean Taylor. Sheila Mangdon and Aisling O’Beirn.

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